Rajasthan, Hand Block Printing And The Chippas

Rajasthan, Hand Block Printing And The Chippas

Seeing life from rose-colored glasses is not realistic but Jaipur is an exception to it. The Pink City of Jaipur is as beautiful as it can get, filled with ancient hidden treasures, the Hawa Mahal, and the beautiful art of Hand block printing.

The Chippas of Bagru, a village 50 km from Jaipur is an ancestral community involved In the art of hand block printing for the last 300 years. Using their own craved wooden hand blocks they are the heritage of Hand block prints in Rajasthan.

The art of hand block printing is Universal now, still persisting and impacting our lives with age-old stories relived through their unique hand-blocked patterns and designs.

Qutun with its local artisans from Jaipur is constantly involved in keeping ignited the flames of this old tradition but with a new zest for innovation and creativity.

Hand Block prints even though universal, are losing their touch with the advent of commercialization and urbanization. With the introduction of Roller and Cylinder printing, the local communities in Jaipur are suffering. Aiming for Economies of Scale the magic of personal touch and effort is being lost.

Qutun stands strongly with Jaipur’s local artisans, helping them to keep their art and ancestral occupation alive. We don’t believe in mass production and each piece of ours is made from scratch with love and effort. We never compromise with quality and provide you the best out of the best at the most affordable prices. We want you to LOOK AND FEEL good.

With our mission of representing the local art and printing techniques, Qutun is making a difference to the entire scenario of the apparel industry.

With beautiful designs, exquisite thread work, Bandhej, and Leheriya designs, Qutun is well set to represent the beauty of our gerua Jaipur so that you can embrace the Rajasthani in you.