Embracing Indian Heritage Through Qutun

Embracing Indian Heritage Through Qutun

“Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time”

India is a country of vast culture and rich heritage. From times immemorial India has displayed how one’s culture and heritage can leave an impact lasting for a lifetime. From the courts of the Mughal empire to the reign of the Cholas and Guptas- textiles and fabric have had an economic, social, and political significance.

Qutun with its mission of sustainability and value in fashion has made a significant effort to represent India’s rich heritage. 

Qutun is well represented throughout the entire process- from manufacturing to packaging adding value at each stage. 

 Culture and Heritage are well represented with various handprints and a variety of fabrics in Qutun’s storage of happiness.

With local artisans from the homes of India manufacturing textiles that are organic Qutun is adapting to Sustainable Fashion so that WE AND OUR FUTURE gets the comfort of soft light beautifully adorned fabric for ages to come.

We have the most uniform and beautiful Hand block prints executed to perfection. Hand block having been discovered 4000 years ago is a staple in India, representing our local traditions and values. Jaipur is the hub of hand block printing using woodblock printing and Woodcut printing produces the most uniform and unique hand block prints. Qutun being situated in the pink city of Jaipur have the best out of the best, our local artisans have perfected hand block printing so that you can look exquisite in India’s age-old tradition of Hand block Printing.

Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, using natural dyes involving 23 elaborate steps. The Srikalahasti style of Kalamkari uses a kalam(pen) and in a freehand style draws the patterns and fills in colors. This is 100% hand-worked with perfection drawing inspiration from Hindu culture and mythology of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Qutun has a beautiful variety of kalamkari fabrics depicting mesmerizing illustrations. With such a beautiful fabric you are engulfing a journey of culture and tradition that is incommensurable. Whether it's Cotton, Ikat, Kota Doria, Rayon, Chiffon, Crepe, Silk, etc each fabric and each pattern tells a story about India, its rich heritage, and its vast culture. Qutun straight from the homes of the local artisans of India represents the roots of India, the untold stories and myths of India. We are here to make a difference, we want you to look Beautiful outside and feel beautiful inside. Each Fabric tells a story and it's our mission that the story reaches you. Treasuring one's culture and heritage is a blessing in disguise, one stuck to his past roots and history is in touch with himself, his essence, his soul. Qutun wants you to feel and embrace this soulfulness. Shop our beautiful fabrics and unstitched suits today and embrace the culture of India and enroll on this journey to soulfulness.